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Cross Band PCS / Mobile Couplers >CADP-800/2.5

Type: Diplexer
Frequency: 800-2200 LOW / 2400-2500 HIGH
Impedance: 50 ohms
Max Input Power: 150w
Connectors: N Female
Insertion Losses: 3dB Isolation: >60dB
VSWR: <1:1.5
Isolation: >45dB
VSWR: ≤1.35:1

CADP-800/2.5 Coupler 800/1900 /2.4 WI-FI Signal

This cross band coupler is used to combine GSM and DCS signals coming from either separate antennas or separate amplifiers into one coaxial cable. The coupler can also separate a combination of GSM and DCS signals from one cable to a low GSM port and a High DCS port. It can be used in conjunction with our power dividers to develop dual band boosters or repeater systems. The N-Female ports have 60 dB of isolation between the Hi and Low bands and very low insertion losses (3 dB).

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