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This device does not work!

Coral Springs, Florida– 2004

Sure you have seen it on Television and at flea markets. Some of you have even bought them and paid anywhere from $2.00 to $50. They call them Internal mobile phone antennas, patches etc. They claim the same thing. Increase your range, works indoors, even in an elevator. As SEEN on TV says one ad. Looks simple enough. All you have to do is place this 'Circuit Board' sticker behind your phone and you are supposed to get amazing results. The fact is, this is all a scam. The device does not work.

What's even more astounding is that many of people that have bought this gimmick swear by it and claim that it has decreased their dropped calls. What has really happened is that the device has decreased their common sense. Without getting into the physics of why it does not work, ask yourself why this product carries no FCC label and there are no independent laboratories to back up their claims? We have tested the device and found that the signal strength never increased. The device does nothing. Suffice it to say that those people that have purchased it have been scammed.

Increasing the signal strength of your mobile phone can only be done in a few different ways:

1. Increase the efficiency of your antenna by adding an external antenna that has better physical characteristics than the little one on your phone. The increase gain can be from 3 dB (100% increase in signal strength) to 9 db ( 400% increase). Just by adding an external antenna and placing it in a unobstructed area such as the trunk of your car or the inside of the glass windshield will improve your mobile phone range.

2. Increasing the signal power of your phone. This is done by amplifying and adding energy to your signal. The average mobile phone broadcasts at less than 1/2 watt. The legal power limit is 3 watts. A Signal Amplifier, such as the ones we sell will boost your mobile phone power output to 3 watts. It also amplifies the incoming signal as well. This increased transmission strength allows the cellular towers to hear you better.

3. Moving closer to the tower, and clearing any obstruction. Your range on your cellular phone is no more than 5 miles and normally 2 miles from the mobile towers. With buildings in the way, or when you are in a building, the range decreases as less and less of your signal is getting out of the building.

There is no easy cure for mobile phone dropped calls. Our cellular powered booster (BST300) has increased peoples ranges on average from 50 to 75 miles on water and 25 to 50 miles on land. Our antennas passively increase your range. However, it doesn't always work due to other circumstances. The cellular provider (Cingular, Verizon, Nextel etc.) must be broadcasting the cellular signal in your direction. Also, the cellular providers can have problems with their system including power outages, non functioning equipment and software bugs. What we do say is that by using our products maximizes the distances that you can use your phone and reduces the dropped calls as much as possible. What we don't say is that you will never have a dropped call again. Unlike the companies that sell the Internal Antenna, we tell it like it really is!

Our goal at CellAntenna Corporation is to give you products that can reduce the dropped calls and increase your ability to receive and send at greater distances. We are not in the business to provide you with stickers that look nice but are useless. What we can say, is that any company that is selling the Internal Antenna is not one that can be trusted. However, the Internal Antenna is great for sealing the boxes of our amplifiers when we ship them to our customers! By the way, the same companies that are selling the mysterious mobile wave product, the one that supposedly blocks harmful cellular waves from hitting your brain, are frauds as well. Don't be fooled!

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