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South Florida Entrepreneur Howard Melamed Offers To Lease U.S. Sugar Everglades Land

Melamed Would Use Land To Harvest Sugar Crops And Produce Ethanol Delay Everglades Restoration for 30 Years

Coral Springs, FL - July 8 2008

CORAL SPRINGS, FL. (July 8, 2008) – South Florida entrepreneur, Howard Melamed is proposing to lease the 192,000 acres of land that the State of Florida is purchasing from U.S. Sugar and use the land for ethanol production for the next thirty years to try to ease the nation’s toxic energy problems. After the expiration of the thirty-year lease, the land would then be given for the Everglades restoration project. Melamed, in his proposal to Florida Governor Charlie Crist, is offering to pay Florida $120,000,000.00 per year for the use of the land. The State of Florida is purchasing the land from U.S. Sugar for $1.7 billion. Estimates show that if Florida were to agree to Melamed’s proposal, the land could produce 120,000,000 gallons of ethanol from sugar cane harvested.

“Our nation needs to reduce its dependence on foreign oil which is strangling every aspect of our economy,” said Howard Melamed. “The impact of foreign oil is brought home daily as consumers feel the pinch at the gas pumps and leaders such as Charlie Crist are forced to change their positions on offshore oil drilling in Florida to meet this energy emergency. My solution would quickly produce alternative fuels to help end our dependency on foreign oil while assisting the State to pay the mortgage for the land that it recently purchased without raising our taxes.”

“I applaud the Governor for his green policies to preserve this land,” continued Melamed. “I also want this land preserved for future generations of Floridians and also believe that during this economic emergency we should use smart policies to harvest the resources we have in Florida to reduce the cost of energy. The Governor has taken a leadership position with Senator McCain to alleviate the energy problem by calling for offshore oil drilling and now by leasing the land for ethanol production he can take a position that will take him to the forefront in battling our current energy crisis.”

The United States Department of Agriculture came out with a report that claimed that each acre of sugar cane can produce 625 gallons of ethanol. Based upon that report, Melamed’s proposal would allow for the production of 120,000,000 gallons of ethanol meeting 10% of Florida’s requirement for E10 gasoline commonly known as Gasohol, a mixture of 90% gasoline with ethanol. The Florida Legislature is currently reviewing a law forcing mandatory E10, which can be used in every car on the market today without any adverse effects.

“Ethanol production is a renewable resource that is non-polluting when ignited and can be produced by sugar and corn. With oil nearing $150 per barrel E10 is more feasible than ever before,” continued Melamed. “But even more importantly my plan calls for restoring the Everglades and preserving our unique environment once this current crisis is met.”

Howard Melamed is a leading entrepreneur and author of The Science of Opportunity: Being in the Right Place at the Right Time. Additional information on Melamed may be obtained at www.scienceofopportunity.com .

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