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Package includes:
**NEW**Covers all mobile phone type service bands GSM 900, DCS 1800 and the new UMTS 1910-2170 MHz, including WiFi 802.11 b & g.
This multi-band aerial can be used either indoors or outdoors."
Comes with a rugged pole mount bracket.
N Female connection located at bottom of panel.
Size is 225x215x29 mm and weighs 1Kg.
Provides 8 dB of gain across 800-2500 MHz .
UV-stable radom .

CA-P2004 GSM /DCS/UMTS/WiFI Panel Multi-Band 800-2500 MHz 7dB

These low cost aerials can improve your signal strength drastically.

Install it on a pole and point the aerial in the direction of the Mobile tower.

If you can't see it, then rotate the aerial on the pole until your connected mobile phone obtains maximum signal.

PRICE: £34.95 + VAT + Shipping

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