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Cellantenna now offers its customers leasing and rental packages. Please find the benefits of leasing below;

Conservation of Working Capital

By leaving valuable capital free for more strategic uses, equipment can be purchased today whilst being enjoyed on a budget that is determined in advance

Safeguards For The Future

As a business grows and changes, so does their requirements. Financing options are available which allow businesses to upgrade or add onto an agreement without necessarily altering their payment

Flexible Payment Options

Payments can be structured to meet cash flow, budgeting or policy requirements

Tax Efficient

Lease payments can be fully tax allowable

Payment To Reflect Usage

Equipment is paid for as it is used over its useful working life

Existing Credit Lines

Existing bank credit lines do not have to be utilised

Avoids Deferments

Our effective finance packages may enable you to take equipment when you need it, not when budgets dictate

Cash Flow

Improves your cash flow, making budgeting and forecasting easier.

Please call 0203 514 7002 today and get a competitive quote.

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