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Mobile Combiners / Dividers > CAP210-SMA

Type: 2-Way Combiner
Frequency: 800-2500 MHz
Impedance: 50 ohms
Max Input Power: 50W
Connectors: SMA
Total Loss: 3.5dB


Combines signal from multiple antennas or amplifiers, and, can divide signals to multiple antennas or amplifiers. These high quality coaxial dividers/combiners/Couplers are offered in various configurations covering full octave bands from 700Mhz to 2.5 GHz. These units are ideally suited for use in GSM 900/1800MHz and Wi-Fi systems. All have N female terminations, can handle 10 watts of power and provides 20dB of isolation between ports. Use two, three or four Mobile phones, or Mobile-based equipment such as a security system, or Wi-Fi routers and amplifiers, simultaneously with one antenna system.

Due to insertion losses, only use with our high performance Yagi , Panel and Fiberglas Mobile High Gain Antennas, and Signal Booster Amplifiers.

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