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CellAntenna Solves Mobile Communication Problems Worldwide

CellAntenna is a leader in solving mobile communication problems inside buildings, vehicles, Emergency Operations Centres and other structures. We have supplied systems and expertise to over 75,000 customers worldwide. CellAntenna's In-Building repeater packages (also referred to as "Distributed Antenna systems") and custom systems bring in mobile phone signals from outside, greatly reduce the potential of experiencing "dropped calls" and allow mobile phone users to use their phone even deep inside buildings, basements, Car Parks and other areas.

CellAntenna Limited ,has offices and warehousing located in London England. Our British personnel are available to help you with your decisions concerning the best possible solution to your mobile phone signal problems. We have been doing this for quite some time, and have an impeccable list of credentials. We are a subsidiary of a US based CellAntenna corporation, a certified ISO 9001-2000 company located in Coral Springs Florida.

Our engineering and installations department have provided solutions for facilities as big as 500,000 square foot convention centres and a 52 floor high rise hotel. Our systems provide coverage whatever the size of the building - Large or Small, or the number of floors, as long as there is sufficient signal outside the building. CellAntenna supplies custom designed and out of the box packaged solutions, for all custom installs we complete a site survey with signal analysis and equipment specifications.

We also offer specialised solutions for vehicles such as Cars, Trucks, and Mobile Command Centres. For emergency response type applications we provide Rapid Deployment Mobile Repeater Systems. In the area of Fibre based communications, CellAntenna offers MOFORSAS product, a multiple output fibre optic repeater smart antenna system that handles all wireless communication services from 380MHz through to 2500MHz. This allows not only regular GSM services to be enhanced in a building, but also allows for the integration of Public safety ,Paging, Mobile, Satellite Radio, GPS, WI-FI, Wimax and others.

Our systems can be supplied with our integrated WI-Fi system components to provide 802.11 a/b/g wireless LAN coverage inside a building- either as a standalone system or coupled together with mobile coverage.

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