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FAQ - Cell phone boosters

Question: What's the Difference between all of these amplifiers? How do I know which one to get?

Answer: Please check the table below or call us at 1-877-285-5220

Question: Can I have both Nextel and PCS systems in my building on the same system?

Answer: Cingular/ US Wireless:
Can be on 2 different frequencies. For the regular cellular service which is GSM/AMPS, this is mostly the 824-896 MHz regular cellular band. This signal is throughout the country. In places where Cingular is not the main provider, they have agreements with the other carriers to bridge the area, A single band amplifier will work. However, the Cingular GSM service can be on both the regular cellular band and the PCS band. In fact, in most urban areas, the PCS signal is used. For areas where the PCS single is prevalent go with the CA-PCSRX. In areas where there is dual service buy either dual band amplifiers DA4000 or CA-DuoRX.

Verizon / Alltel
These services use a system called CDMA, which operates similar to the way the internet operates. These high speed systems require greater quality in the amplifiers. Alltel is only in the Cellular Band range (824-896 MHz). Verizon is in both the Cellular band (824-896 MHz) and the PCS band (1850-1990 MHz). Verizon is mostly PCS in Florida (CA-PCSRX ) and Cellular everywhere else in the United States. They are in both the Cellular and the PCS band in most major cities as well. Generally speaking, if you are in a rural area, you are in the cellular band. They also have agreements with other cellular carriers to bridge any areas that they do not have a tower. The DA4000 or CA-DuoRX are used for the Dual Band. The CA-PCSRX is for the single PCS Band.

The Sprint service uses another form of CDMA similar in nature to the Verizon system. Sprint has 2 bands that they use, the Cellular band (824-896 MHz) and the PCS band (1850-1990 MHz). On the cellular band, in the rural areas of the country, the Sprint system operates on Analog (AMPS) system. In almost all cities in the country, Sprint is on PCS. As well Sprint recently acquired NEXTEL but do not get confused. Nextel operates at a different band compared to every other carrier. For Sprint PCS, you can use the CA-PCSRX, a single band PCS amplifier. You can also use the DA4000 or CA-DuoRX.

T-Mobile GSM
This service is GSM, which is the standard used mostly in Europe and Asia. They use the PCS band (1850-1990 MHz). Overseas, these systems uses other frequencies not found here in North America. The CA-PCSRX is a single band PCS amplifier. You can also use the DA4000.

Incude MetroPCS or Cricket which operate on the PCS band The CA-PCSRX is a single band PCS amplifier. You can also use the DA4000 or CA-DuoRX. .

Sierra Wireless Air Card:
We have used the DA4000 and the CA-PCSRX in PCS mode.

Question: Can I use the Boosters as a Wireless Building Repeater system?

Answer: No. The boosters are made to connect directly to a cell phone and therefore are not sensitive enough to pick up a wireless transmission from your cell phone.

Question: How are boosters different than that 'Booster Patch' that is selling for $20 or less and sticks on between your battery and the cell phone?

Answer: Simply put, the 'Patch' is a gimmick that is not CE approved and does nothing besides gives the owner the false sense that it really is doing something. The Cellular Powered Booster operates at 12 volts and changes your .6 watt cell phone to a 3 Watt cell phone, increasing the actual power output by 500%. The patch might as well be a 'Happy Face' sticker.

Question: My phone shows some signal but I can't get through or my calls are dropped. Will the booster help me?

Answer: If your phone does not indicate "no service" then the booster will increase the signal strength in both the reception and in the transmission ability. Many times you can receive the 'Towers' signal but you don't have enough power for the 'Tower' to hear you. The booster helps increase the strength of the transmitting signal from your phone 20 dB.

Question: Will the Booster guarantee that no calls will ever be dropped?

Answer: No. Cellular communication is highly directional. Cellular towers have antennas that point in a certain direction. If the tower is not pointed where you are, and no signal is present there is nothing that can be done to invent the signal. Cellular communication is dependant on the Cellular Phone company. Many calls that are dropped are as a result of 'Full Towers' that cannot accept a handoff from another tower. There are also software problems and failures of the actual Cellular broadcasting equipment. Cellular phone transmission can be 'Shadowed' by buildings in the line of sight path between your phone and the Tower. However, you should notice a big difference in the quality of the calls that you receive as well as the frequency of dropped calls.

Question: I have a PCS Sprint phone. Will the booster help?

Answer: The DA4000 or CA-DuoRX amplifies the PCS band as well as the Cellular Band and will work with Sprint, T-Mobile, and any other service provider operating in the 1850 -1990 MHz, which is the frequency that PCS operates.

Question: My Cellular phone is not listed with your Cable Adapter. What do I do?

Answer: Please email us and we will find out if an adapter exists for your phone. We do have coupling adapters that fit around the antenna or are placed behind the antenna on the cell phone, but they are not as good as a direct connect. Several phones do not have an external antenna port at all. This passive adapter will work with most of them.

Question: I use my Cell phone on my boat. Will the booster work for me and what will be the range that I can expect?

Answer: Yes the booster will work, [provided that the signal is pointed in your direction from the land based towers]. Several users of our booster have reported good results as far as 50 -60 miles offshore. However, they are also using a quality Marine Cellular antenna such as those supplied by www.BoatAntenna.com our associated company. You can purchase the entire assembly from them if you require a marine antenna.

Question: I have an existing car kit and cradle that I use for my phone. It already has an antenna installed on my car. Can I use the Booster?

Answer: Yes. You will need to attach the booster in between the external antenna connection of the car kit and the antenna. Please have a proper car electrician attach the system.

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