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FAQ - Building Repeater Packages

Question: How do I know which system my cellular provider is on?

Answer: Please check the table below or call us at 1-877-285-5220

System Frequency Range (mhz) Carrier Examples
SMR 806-866 NEXTEL, SouthernLinc, Telus Mike
Cellular 824-896 ATT, Bluegrass, CellularOne, Cellular South, CenturyTel, Inc., Cincinnatti Bell, Cingular (in Dixie sans Carolinas & coastal GA), Dobson Cellular, EDGE, Hickory Tech, Illinois Valley, Midwest Wireless, MobileTel, Pioneer/Enid, RogersATT, SunCom, Unicel Wireless, US Cellular/Telus Mobility, Verizon
Blackberry & GSM900 880-960 Blackberry (USA) GSM Europe
GSM1800 1710-1880 GSM Europe
PCS 1850-1990 (Bands A/D,B/E,C/F) Sprint/Verizon/T-Mobile Cingular/ Metro PCS/Cricket/Bell Mobility/Telus Mobility/Fido/SimPro Cityfone/ Zero Gravity

Question: Can I have both Nextel and PCS systems in my building on the same system?

Answer: Yes with limitations. You can have the following combinations easily by combining both together but you should contact us first before attempting it:
- Nextel + PCS
- Cellular + PCS
- Blackberry + PCS
- Nextel + Blackberry
- Nextel + Blackberry + PCS.

Other combinations can be used, but require some engineering.
Please contact us

Question: Do I need to be able to see the Cellular Tower to use the Building Repeater?

Answer: There is no need to see the tower, only to have a sufficient signal outside the building. The External antenna, either a Yagi or Panel, can be rotated until the signal strength inside the building is maximized. In the case of multiple providers with different towers, you can upgrade the external antenna to an omni-directional one in which case no rotating is needed. Call us if there is any questions.

Question: Do I need to know where the cell tower is to point the exterior Yagi Antenna?

Answer: There is no need to know this information. All you have to do is slowly rotate the Yagi (or Panel) antenna until the signal on the inside of the building comes up to a maximum. The direction that the antenna points in is the direction of the tower.

Question: Do I need to connect my cell phone directly to the repeater?

Answer: No. The system is completely wireless.

Question: On the SMR (Nextel) Repeater, can I use the Walkie Talkie portion of the Cell Phone?

Answer: Yes. The building repeater is designed to work the entire frequency band. The Walkie Talkie frequencies fall within that range.

Question: I can make a call outside my home, but can't inside. Will the CAE-500 help?

Answer: Our building repeater systems are designed especially for this situation.

Question: I use the T-Mobile Air Card on GSM. Which CAE-500 package should I get?

Answer: The CAE-500PCS works with all PCS GSM services including T-Mobile, Sprint services. It works with GPRS and 1XRTT data units including the Air Card.

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