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Complete Solutions List - mobile Phone Signal Repeater Kits

We have the solution to fix your cellular reception problems big or small

Have the same or better quality of service inside your building as outside

Frustrated with reception problems in your home, office building, hotel, restaurant, parking garage and any other location? Don't you agree that it's ridiculous that you can use your mobile phone in your parking lot or driveway but NOT inside your home or office?

Our CellAntenna Building Repeater Kits solutions will bring in STRONGER mobile phone signals resulting in less dropped calls and allowing use of mobile phones even deep inside a building.

Choose from one of the following systems:

PACKAGE Name Coverage Area - up to (sf) Antennas MAX Floors
Max Users Price from $ Other
CAE50 Single Band 2,000 1 1 10 $349.95 Season Special Home or Small office Our Best Seller !
CAE50 Dual Band 2,000 1 1 10 $399.95 Home or Small office Our Best Seller !
CAE65-TAURUS 5,000 1 1 50 $799.95 Large Home / medium office / small warehouse
CAE500 15,000 1-4 4 50 $899.95 Home/ Medium sized office / Factories
Dual Band
15,000 1-4 4 50 $1,699.95 Season Special Medium Sized Offices/Factories
Dual Band
10,000 1-3 3 50 $1,099.95 NEW Medium Sized Offices/Factories
Dual Band
20,000 1-4 4 50 $1,799.95 NEW Medium Sized Offices/Factories
CAE600 20,000 and up Custom designed 40 200-2000 CALL FOR PRICING CALL FOR PRICING Large Warehouses / Multi-floor offices / Large Factories
CAE800 Dual Band
Repeater System
50,000 1-4 4 200+ CALL FOR PRICING Large Warehouses / Multi-floor offices / Large Factories
Dual Band
15000 1-4 4 50 $4,995.95 Designed specifically for use in emergency operation centers and response vehicles
CAE-QUATTRO QUAD Band Repeater System 20,000 1-8 up to 10 decks 50+ CALL FOR PRICING NEW Designed specifically for Military and Marine use
CAE700-COMMANDER for command vehicles custom designed
command vehicle
50 CALL FOR PRICING NEW Designed specifically for use in emergency operation centers and response vehicles
In-building Wireless Coverage / Fiber Optic Wideband DAS Solution Custom designed Custom designed Custom designed CALL FOR PRICING NEW Total coverage for cellular and wireless services within an in-building environment

We perform installations, custom design engineering and site surveys anywhere in the USA and Canada -
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We can help you make the RIGHT decision

At the heart of all of our systems is an amplifier designed to improve coverage for wireless products within a facility. Combined with interior ceiling mounted low profile antennas, and an exterior mounted Yagi or Panel Antenna, the amplifier boosts the signal level for distribution within the interior areas, reducing the problem of dropped calls and signal fades. The CA Building Repeater Packages can also be used in mobile applications, improving voice quality and range in areas of poor cellular coverage.

We can improve any cellular providers service, including Nextel, Verizon, Alltel, Sprint, Cingular, T-Mobile, and Blackberry operating under any type of service including AMPS,TDMA, CDMA, GSM, iDen , GPRS, and 3G.

All of our packages are engineered using only CE approved amplified components. They are designed not to disrupt local cellular communication but to add service to areas that otherwise would not have the coverage that the customer requires.

All of our packages come with all of the parts needed and all cables have pre-installed connectors so there is no need to cut cables. We also offer FREE technical support with a toll free number.

Choose the package that best fits your application and service, or give us a call. We custom engineer repeater packages for complex or large installations all over the U.S. and Canada

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