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CellAntenna Petitions FCC to Allow First Responders Use of Mobile Phone Jamming Equipment

Devices Needed to Thwart Remote Controlled IED's used Domestically by Terrorists

Coral Springs, FL—June 14 2007

CellAntenna Corporation has filed a Petition for Rulemaking with the Federal Communications Commission that if accepted, would allow First Responders the right to obtain and utilize radio frequency jamming equipment. The use of such technology, by any state and local government and their law enforcement agencies is currently prohibited by FCC regulations - even when used to prevent remote controlled improvised explosive devices (IED’s) from exploding.

Cellantenna Corporation Announces Release Of The Moforsas System

The MOFORSAS brings quick deployment, security, and limitless communication possibilities to emergency response teamsI

Washington, DC - May 10, 2007

CellAntenna, a leader in communication solutions, today announced the roll out of the ultimate in secure communication systems, MOFORSAS. This Multiple Output Fiber Optic Repeater Smart Antenna System provides clear, reliable communication to disaster recovery teams in extreme, hostile conditions, such as building collapse, mining accidents, hurricanes, and similarly harsh situations. The system was designed to bring radio communication signals from outside a building and carry it into deep interior locations where no signal exists.

CellAntenna Corporation Awarded GSA Schedule-70 Contract

Leader in Mobile Communications Signal Solutions to Address Needs of Government

Coral Springs, FL - March 28, 2007

CellAntenna Corp., a small woman-owned business with headquarters in Coral Springs, FL has been awarded a Schedule 70 contract by the General Services Administration IT Acquisition Center for the supply of Information Technology Equipment and Services. The contract is for the supply of CellAntenna’s packaged cellular signal repeater systems (also known as Distributed Antenna Systems), associated equipment, installation and de-installation, spare parts, maintenance, and repair. While CellAntenna has a long list of satisfied government, commercial, and individual customers, this contract will continue the growth in CellAntenna’s sales to the U.S. Federal Government, State and Local Governments, Universities, Educational Agencies, Institutions of Higher Learning, and other authorized Ordering Activities.

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