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Company's New Products Attract Military Customers

South Florida Business Journal, April 30-May 3, 2004

Howard and Barbara Melamed successfully sell antennas, amplifiers and repeaters that make mobile phones work better in boats, buildings and vehicles. Last year, the company did $2.5 million in Web site-originated sales to individuals, companies and government agencies.

Mobile Phone That Doesn't work at the Hotel

The New York Times, September 7, 2004

Practically speaking, jamming an entire hotel would not be easy. Mr. Melamed of CellAntenna, which sells legal jamming devices to the government, says that the cheap hand-held jammers sold by mail order have too short a range

His 2 Firms Get Strong Reception

South Florida Sun-Sentinel, June 14, 2004

Mobile Phone signal booster sales booming. Howard Melamed loves to tell anecdotes, and he'll warn you when you're about to hear a good one. "Let me tell you a story," ...

Internal Mobile Phone Antenna

Sure you have seen it on Television and at flea markets. Some of you have even bought them and paid anywhere from $2.00 to $50. They call them Internal Mobile Phone antennas, patches etc. They claim the same thing. Increase your range, works indoors, even in an elevator. As SEEN on TV says one ad. Looks simple enough. All you have to do is place this 'Circuit Board' sticker behind your phone and you are supposed to get amazing results. The fact is, this is all a scam. The device does not work.

Frustrating Dropped Calls

Why they happen? How to reduce them?


You are on your mobile phone and while in the middle of a conversation a couple of things start to happen. The caller's voice starts to change like from some sci-fi movie and you start hearing every other word. Then a metallic gurgling sound takes over. You go into action by walking around your home, office or neighborhood looking for the 'Right Spot' where you can once again hear the other person on the line. You say things like 'Can you hear me now?" . You move around quickly and energetically like a chicken pecking corn. "How about now?" you say again as more people watch you and shake their heads in astonishment. Almost always, what follows next is the most frustrating part of owning a mobile phone: The call gets dropped!

Consumer Beware!

Amplifiers with no FCC approval can be dangerous and costly.


When you are buying a Signal Booster Amplifier or Building Repeater it is important to know if it is approved by the FCC. There are many companies outside of the United States selling products to unsuspecting U.S. consumers that are claimed to be FCC approved but are not. None of these products can be considered safe and must be looked upon as hazardous and a liability to the unsuspecting consumer.

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