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CellAntenna Launches Mobile Phone and Public Safety Repeater Systems for Hurricane Shelters and First Responders

Communication During a Storm is Vital; Recent Hurricanes Provide Insight for Planning for the Future

Coral Springs, FL - April 17 2008

CORAL SPRINGS, FL. (April 17, 2008) – As the hurricane season approaches, CellAntenna Corporation announced the launch of its newest product line of CAE-750 CT5 (Category 5) Dual Band Mobile and Public Safety repeaters designed for use during and after natural disasters such as hurricanes.

The structures of hurricane shelters and other vital command centers are reinforced with so much concrete and steel that all too often radio signals cannot penetrate to allow vital communication during storms and when powerful winds knock down towers. In many cases communication remains off the air. The CAE-750 CT5 systems can help provide continuous communication inside buildings during and after disasters hit an area.

Within the CAE750-CT5 system are dual band amplifiers powered by an eight hour battery charged by regular 110 Volt AC power, as well as a panel antenna made to repeat an outdoor signal received by the CellAntenna CAF825 low profile hurricane force wind resistant multiband antenna. Heavy-duty Times Microwave LMR400 or LMR600 cabling is used to deliver the signal inside the building where the CAE750 amplifiers are patched in. The system can provide signal to buildings with areas up to twenty thousand square feet and is expandable for larger areas. It is designed to be easily installed and powered up within minutes. The dual-power capability allows for the system to charge while it is in use.

“Our personal experience with Hurricane Wilma, which hit our offices and Hurricane Katrina, has given us the proper insight and experience to produce a badly needed product,” said Howard Melamed, CEO of CellAntenna Corporation. “Every police and fire department, and EMS office around the country should have one available in case of emergency,” he added.

The CAE-750-CT5 is available immediately by contacting CellAntenna at their Coral Springs location. The product is currently being placed on the GSA Schedule.

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